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General Edward L Rowny
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Smokey Joe and the General
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"The remarkable General Edward Rowny has written the story his superior career entails. This is a wonderful account of service, intrigue, and military accomplishments of the highest degree. Page by page it takes the reader through a series of events that are in many senses spellbinding. A terrific read. Highly recommended."
Television personality Larry King

"General Ed Rowny knows about many things; especially selfless service, integrity, and leadership. Thus his rich, nuanced and modest memoir is at the same time a valuable treatise on principled leadership as learned from General John E. Wood, Rowny's long-time mentor. It is a great story, begun in days of the Old Army but with much to teach those serving today and tomorrow." 
Lewis Sorley, author of Pulitzer Prize nominated "A Better War"
" 'Smokey Joe and the General' is no ordinary military memoir. It covers the story of an astonishingly varied career that includes service in the combat engineers, commander of an infantry division, pioneering in the new techniques of armed helicopters, and finally Military Representative to the SALT Treaty with the Russians. Throughout this odyssey the General never forgets his first boss and mentor, Colonel "Smokey Joe" Wood. Written informally with plenty of humor and wisdom, Ed Rowny's book is both fascinating and informative".
John Eisenhower, son of President Dwight D. Eisenhower,
Brigadier General U.S. Army (ret.) & former Ambassador to Belgium

An American Soldier's Saga of the Korean War
"A captivating book by a superb combat leader."
Hal Moore, General, USA (ret.), author of best-selling book, "We Were Soldier Once and Young"
"This is a personal recollection of lessons General Rowny learned from his role model General Wood when serving in the Army. Written with passion, the book shows how inspiration leads to a better understanding of military duties, professional perfection and success. History is made by people of such a persisting vision."
Radoslaw Sikorski, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Poland