"An American Soldier’s Saga of the Korean War" is the autobiographical tale of the exploits of a young Lt. Gen. Edward Rowny in Korea, excerpted from his book, "Smokey Joe and the General."

Rich with historical facts, fascinating photos and little-known behind-the-scenes details, highlights of this exciting story include: How Rowny became a spokesman for General MacArthur and how he walked on water An account of how the Marine Corps — faced with extinction — was saved by an Army officer working with his Marine Corps VMI classmate... an inside look at the planning of the Inchon Invasion — the “22nd greatest battle of the world”... the logistical miracle of the Chosin Reservoir bridge drop... how 100,000 North Koreans were saved from certain death when they became “Christmas Cargo” as part of the evacuation of Hungnam.

The book also contains some features not found in "Smokey Joe and the General," including an appendix which details all of the recipients of the Medal of Honor from the Korean War.